Covid – 19 (Coronavirus) Program Options

Covid – 19 (Coronavirus) Program Options. Local, State and the federal government are offering various programs for our friends, colleagues and local business owners. I’ll be updating this section shortly in the meantime please feel free to call my office to explore program options.

Foreclosure Defense

Served with foreclosure papers? Court date scheduled? Mediation coming up? My office is the only firm in the State of Connecticut dedicated solely to assisting homeowners in foreclosure. My staff are specially trained to work only on foreclosure defense, mediation with your lender and mortgage modification. Read More …

Foreclosure Defense & Mortgage Questions

I’ll talk to anyone who is currently behind on their mortgage, thinks they may not be able to afford their mortgage in the coming months, or is already in foreclosure. The earlier we talk, the more options you have.  Read More …

Crumbling Foundations

Will my insurance pay to fix my crumbling foundation? Unfortunately, this is not an option for the majority of homeowners. Your foundation has to collapse all at once to qualify for insurance coverage under most (if not all) policies. Do you have to live with the problem forever? Not necessarily—let’s discuss your options. Crumbling foundation damage is a major problem in Connecticut. While some solutions exist for a crumbling foundation, they are often expensive, disruptive and not worth the cost depending on the home. We help you develop the best strategy for dealing with crumbling foundations. Read More …

Strategic Mortgage Default

When your home has lost value due to a crumbling foundation, what are your options? Most homeowners in that situation lose sleep over this problem. I have a non-traditional solution that might work for you. It can help you recoup your lost equity AND your sanity. Let’s talk about if it’s right for your family and finances. Let’s talk or Read More …

Credit Card Debt

Are you on time with payments but struggling to maintain minimum payments? Are you behind on payments or maybe have debts in collection? Are you being sued for collection of unpaid cards or are your wages or bank account garnished? Let’s talk.

Credit reports & Credit scores

Do you think you have bad credit? Want to understand your report and improve your score? Call and ask about our no-charge credit report review and analysis.