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A Conversation with a Twelve-Year-Old

An Excerpt from Got Debt?  Recently, I was sort of interviewed about what I do. My neighbors asked me to pick up their 12-year-old son from school, he was getting home late from a field trip to Boston, they were tied up at work and in meetings, and I was available to...

Bullwinkle, the Internet, and Foreclosures

For my money Bullwinkle is one of the top five cartoons of all time. Subversive is a pretty apt description of the show in those way-way-way back pre-cable days. One of Bullwinkle Moose's favorite expressions: "If it's in the newspaper, it must be true,"(though to do...

The Healthcare Vote, the Media, and My Practice.

After the House vote on the Health Care bill Thursday - you may have heard about it, it's been mentioned on a couple of TV shows - my friend and associate, Donna Convicer,  received a series of phone calls from friends and clients. They were upset, as, of course, so...
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