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scrooged_primaryI saw a Best Buy Christmas commercial yesterday – really – and swore that I wouldn’t buy a thing from Best Buy through the holiday season as a reprisal for them RUNNING A CHRISTMAS AD ON OCTOBER 23RD. 

It did get me thinking – rather, I didn’t forget it. I had lunch today with Donna Convicer and we began to think about year end planning for the firm. Then it hit us: last year we had more foreclosure cases between Thanksgiving and New Years than in all the years previously, combined.

It used to be that court cases – at least here in Connecticut – backed off considerably during the holidays. Especially those concerning housing – as in, no one wants to evict people from their homes during the holidays, it’s just so … so, Dickensian.

If last year was any indication, banks (and, by proxy, foreclosure firms) are getting the same head start on the holiday season as Best Buy and layering in matters for year end. Unfortunately, if you’re facing a possible foreclosure you can’t handle this the way I’m handling Best Buy. Don’t ignore or assume it’s going to go away for during the holidays, be proactive.