Don’t be a Number

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Well, actually, I might just be able to …

In the areas of law I practice in (mostly foreclosure defense and credit card collection defense), the bulk of the cases are prosecuted by only a few law firms.

The majority of cases brought against Connecticut residents are brought by just a handful of firms and lawyers.

That’s all these lawyers do and they are very efficient and very quick at foreclosing on homes.  By my estimate, just two Connecticut firms handle about 9,000 foreclosure matters, employing a handful of lawyers.

By necessity, those firms operate by the numbers – A2nBWtzqjy-2a homeowner isn’t a person, just a number, a file, a target, a quota to fill. Homeowners who try to go it alone, use the Internet for help, or just plain wing it are shocked to find that their cases don’t receive personal attention.

Homeowners are constantly surprised to find that the person on the ‘other side’ doesn’t seem to care about helping them. I have to explain, over and over, that in defiance of logic and common sense, the lenders and their attorneys don’t treat individual homeowners like individuals.  There is no “treatment” at all because computers make the decisions and while sometimes a human interprets the data they are still a slave to the stats.  So when a homeowner goes it alone, the homeowner pretty much ends up hitting a brick wall more often than not.

I do a lot of this, I’ve become as quick and efficient at defending foreclosure matters as they have in disposing cases.  I have pretty much seen it all when it comes to homeowner hardship, procedural and computer error and dealing with the humans on the other end of those computers.  I, too, spend all day every day honing my foreclosure skills, but not for the banks.  I only represent homeowners.

So what do you get when you put one lawyer skilled at foreclosing and one lawyer skilled at defending a foreclosure in a court room or a mediation together?  You get a shot at saving your home.  You get a shot at having all the information so the process makes sense.  You get a voice.  And you get a fair fight.