Feb 25, 2015 | Foreclosure, Solo practice

Expectations are funny things – personal, largely unspoken, the basis for relationships while probably one the main reasons relationships fail.

In any relationship the longer expectations are left unspoken, the more divergent they become until you get the situation below:

Foreclosure defense is rife with expectations, few of them grounded in what actually occurs during the court process.

A few years ago it was widely reported that up to 90% of people foreclosed on failed to show up at court. Period. The majority of them no doubt expected that after missing mortgage payments, everything from there on out was inevitable – a quick look around the Internet easily reinforced that – so why add the stress of spending a day in court?

Now, many people going into foreclosure are angry – at themselves, their banks, mortgage brokers, investors that bought securitized mortgage instruments, Congress, Wall Street, and on and on – a quick look around the Internet easily reinforces this.

My job with both these categories – and all the ones in between, they tend to create some very interesting Venn Diagrams (more on that later) – is managing their expectations . . .  no, that’s wrong, my job is to set their expectations.

Simply: we are not going to court to roll up in a ball and acquiesce to everything the bank’s lawyers toss at us; conversely, we are not going to court to right the wrongs of the Recession, undo securitized loans, return the financial world to the way it was in the good old days before . . .

I am going to court to get a fair and equitable deal for you and take some stress out of your life.

That’s it, anything else adds to the stress levels for all of us and can lead to perilous situations – and none of us have Bond’s ability to escape time after time.

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I’ll talk to anyone who is currently behind on their mortgage, thinks they may not be able to afford their mortgage in the coming months, or is already in foreclosure. The earlier we talk, the more options you have.

… Sarah Poriss.

Sarah Poriss, Attorney at Law, LLC is the largest woman-owned foreclosure defense law firm in Connecticut, providing homeowners with quality legal counsel in foreclosure mediation and foreclosure defense.

Working at Consumer Law Group in Rocky Hill, Connecticut for four years, Sarah specialized in representing consumers facing financial crises like debt collection harassment and identity theft. Upon opening her own office, she expanded her focus to defending consumers sued by credit card companies and representing homeowners in foreclosure.

Sarah has elevated her practice by exclusively representing clients with money issues. She played a crucial role in drafting foreclosure mediation rules as a member of Connecticut’s Bench-Bar Foreclosure Committee for seven years.

Additionally, she contributed to the Bench-Bar Small Claims Committee to enhance clarity in small claims proceedings and ensure debt collectors provide substantial evidence to win cases.

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