Media Appearances by Sarah

Improve your credit score to save money

Channel 8 Media: On Channel 8: “Keeping a good credit score is the secret to stretching your dollar so knowing what helps and hurts it is great information to have in the New Year. If your resolution is to buy a new car or simply improve your finances, it all starts with your credit score. Hartford Attorney Sarah Poriss says the best thing you can do if you’re young, is start building your credit history.

Beware of financial shopping traps

Channel 8 Media: On Channel 8 in New Haven, with Laura Hutchinson of WTNH talking about credit card and finance issues for several editions of ‘Stretch Your Dollar.’

Debt collectors got you down? It can be you who often makes the problem bigger than it needs to be.

Channel 3 Media Podcast: I had a great time at the Channel 3 studios talking about how to protect yourself if you’re sued for collection of a debt and showing Eric Parker how to look up a case and how to register to receive alerts of any new activity on your case.

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