Mortgage Modification

“My bank won’t take my payments!” I hear this every day—and if you are more than three months behind on your mortgage, your bank doesn’t have to take your payments.


That’s right, unless you can pay all your missed payments at once, they can reject your payments.

Mortgage modification can save you and get you back on track. Every homeowner who is behind, or thinks they may soon go behind, should apply to modify their mortgage. Every homeowner who is IN foreclosure should be applying to modify their mortgage. Let’s talk NOW about having my office help you apply to modify your mortgage.

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When is the right time to call? As early as you possibly can. We cannot stress that enough. You have many, many options. The earlier you address falling behind on your mortgage, the more choices you have and the better chance you have at saving your home affordable.

Contact us today to talk about your current situation and see how we can help.