Strategic Mortgage Default

“Heartbreak” is how everyone describes it: learning you have a crumbling foundation. Now you can’t sell your house, you have lost the equity you worked hard to build, and the repair is expensive.

I have another option that could be the perfect solution to your situation.

I use a combination of my knowledge and experience working with mortgage companies and the courts to guide you through a process of saving money while you plan for your next move. It’s a solution to the lost equity, the financial blow and the sleepless nights all in one. Let’s talk about if it’s right for your family and your future.

Call us at 860-233-0336 or email with any questions about a strategic mortgage default .

When is the right time to call? As early as you possibly can. We cannot stress that enough. You have many, many options.

Contact us today to talk about your current situation and see how we can help.