Rebuilding Your Reputation After Foreclosure

Nov 18, 2023 | Foreclosure

Rebuilding Your Financial Standing: Overcoming Shame and Restoring Trust

In the face of foreclosure or a financial crisis, the sense of isolation can be overwhelming, leading one to believe they are the sole person grappling with such challenges. However, the reality is that numerous individuals encounter financial difficulties at some point in their lives. Jane*, a homeowner in a comparable situation, refused to succumb to shame and embarrassment, choosing instead to take proactive steps.

Recently laid off from her job, Jane struggled to meet her mortgage payments, ultimately receiving the ominous notice of foreclosure. Battling feelings of shame and embarrassment, she worried about the judgment of friends and family, experiencing isolation, fear, and loneliness.

Upon discovering my information, Jane initially questioned how she could afford legal assistance. Yet, she realized she could inquire without incurring charges. Her pivotal decision was to pick up the phone—an action many homeowners hesitate to take.

Key considerations:

  1. You’re not alone:
    Financial difficulties are a common experience. Don’t let shame hinder you from seeking help and addressing the situation.
  2. Take action:
    Instead of succumbing to shame, take proactive steps to address financial challenges. Seek professional guidance by making that crucial phone call.
  3. Talk about it:
    Sharing your story can be liberating and empowering, opening doors to unexpected support. Breaking free from shame and isolation starts with open communication.

Many conversations involve overcoming the discomfort of speaking about financial challenges. Jane’s first call marked a significant stride toward recovery, emphasizing that financial struggles don’t define worth or character. Seeking help is not shameful. Through action, guidance, and support, she emerged resilient.

Facing foreclosure or a financial crisis doesn’t mandate solitude. Resources are available to navigate the legal processes and safeguard rights. Don’t let shame, embarrassment, or cost concerns deter you from improving your situation. With the right actions, you can emerge from the crisis stronger than ever.

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I’ll talk to anyone who is currently behind on their mortgage, thinks they may not be able to afford their mortgage in the coming months, or is already in foreclosure. The earlier we talk, the more options you have.

… Sarah Poriss.

Sarah Poriss, Attorney at Law, LLC is the largest woman-owned foreclosure defense law firm in Connecticut, providing homeowners with quality legal counsel in foreclosure mediation and foreclosure defense.

Working at Consumer Law Group in Rocky Hill, Connecticut for four years, Sarah specialized in representing consumers facing financial crises like debt collection harassment and identity theft. Upon opening her own office, she expanded her focus to defending consumers sued by credit card companies and representing homeowners in foreclosure.

Sarah has elevated her practice by exclusively representing clients with money issues. She played a crucial role in drafting foreclosure mediation rules as a member of Connecticut’s Bench-Bar Foreclosure Committee for seven years.

Additionally, she contributed to the Bench-Bar Small Claims Committee to enhance clarity in small claims proceedings and ensure debt collectors provide substantial evidence to win cases.

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