Got Debt and The Institute, Perfect Together

Got Debt and The Institute, Perfect Together

Wondering today if Stephen King is the Sarah Poriss of debt? Or is it the other way around? Regardless, I was just thrilled to see that debt – and debt relief – is a key (the key?) plot device in King’s, The Institute. Without ‘debt’ The Institute would pretty much...
Social Distancing and Why You Need To Pay Your Mortgage

Social Distancing and Why You Need To Pay Your Mortgage

This social distancing thing is really interesting. We are seeing how being able to come into close contact with each other allows our economy to operate. It shows us how vital it is be able to come near others—total strangers—in order for business to function. We are...
MLK and Debt

MLK and Debt

My work has one focus- working with people in debt. With Martin Luther King Jr. day comingup, I was curious to see if he had, or how he had, addressed the issue of debt in his work. Turnsout it was a pivotal concept to him, but not in the literal dollars-and-cents,...

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