Rebuilding Your Reputation After Foreclosure

Rebuilding Your Reputation After Foreclosure

Rebuilding Your Financial Standing: Overcoming Shame and Restoring Trust In the face of foreclosure or a financial crisis, the sense of isolation can be overwhelming, leading one to believe they are the sole person grappling with such challenges. However, the reality...
“I am not a crook,” am I?

“I am not a crook,” am I?

Long story short, I heard that there’s someone out there calling me a crook!  She thinks I’m a crook because I tried helping a friend of hers, who retained me and paid me attorney’s fees, but I was unable to keep the client in her home permanently.  So it sounds like...
When the foreclosure sign goes up

When the foreclosure sign goes up

Foreclosure auctions in Connecticut are actually not that common- typically, a homeowner needs to have equity in the home for an auction to be scheduled. Or if there’s an IRS or other federal government lien on the house, you get an auction. But that’s it—not everyone...

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