Testimonial 4 – Bill Rodman

Sarah Poriss is a breath of fresh air in an otherwise harsh & unsympathetic judicial system

…combining the intelligence, discipline and legal expertise of a great lawyer with the compassion, consideration and caring of a social worker. She has a vast knowledge of the law, as well as an understanding of the psychological and emotional toll a financial crisis takes on her clients. She’s also a straight shooter who tells it like it is. You may not always like hearing what she has to say, but it’s important to listen to what she has to say, as she is the quintessential expert in her field. I wouldn’t wish anyone to have to go through a financial hardship, but if you ever find yourself in debt or heading down a road to foreclosure or bankruptcy, I highly recommend contacting Sarah Poriss. She’ll not only help you survive–with your sanity and self-esteem in tact–but thrive in the end. Thanks, Sarah. You are a blessing. ~ Bill Rodman